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Filigranes Edition
Auteur : Tatyana Franck
Year : 2018
Langage : French / English
Pages : 56 pages
EAN : 978-2-35046-439-8

The stigma sublimated by Emmanuelle Bousquet

“Stigma, a term with many meanings, at once a scar, a wound and part of a flower, the part of the flower that absorbs pollen and holds it. The first interaction between the air and the plant, a passage that leads to the essence.
The stigma that Emmanuelle talks about is like a second skin that we explore in order to blossom. A flowering on her body that reminds us
reminds us of the past and transforms matter.
This body not only exhibits its wound like a tattoo on its skin,
it becomes the wound, the better to transcend it.
In this way, Stigmate leads us to reconciliation: to the acceptance of our wounds and the birth of a new creative impetus.
Once again, Emmanuelle Bousquet shares her ‘inner sunset’ with sincerity, poetry and finesse.

Fiona Sanjabi


Filigranes Edition
Preface :  Annabelle Gugnon
Year : 2015
Langage : French / English
Pages : 64 pages
ISBN: 978-2-35046-371-1

“Modern man lives only on the surface of himself, an existence devoid of deep meaning. They are anxious, losing their bearings and their values. They live in fear, afraid that others will discover their weaknesses and inadequacies. They erase what society would criticise them for: their sensitivity and emotions. He puts on a shell and hardens in contact with others in order, he believes, to appear stronger. His heart slowly fossilsises, then his body melts into a gangue of stone.

In this Statue series, I chose the self-portrait to get as close as possible to my emotions, to describe a solitary being split into two parts, one that society has made cold and insensitive, the other that fights and resists to retain its humanity and warmth. A duality, half statue, half human.


Images en Manoeuvres Edition
Preface : Isabelle Darrigrand
Year : 2012
Langage : French / English
Pages : 64 pages
ISBN: 978-2-8499-5227-6

ILLUSION Portfolio

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At Higgins Edition
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