Sisters 2017-2018


Letting my sister into my mental palace

What is this place in which the walls show traces of my stories, of my wounds; where I feel protected but where the slightest slip-up could lead to destruction? Who is this other with whom, naked and unadorned, we find a childish complicity; to chase after, to talk to each other from one room to the next, to lose oneself, to confide in oneanother, to console oneanother? And what if I was only aware of myself through those eyes? Eyes that have lived the same story as mine.

Would this be the key to this place where everything belongs to me but where I control nothing? Because here, together, we can get rid outselves of the weight of society and play with the filtered natural light, becoming memories to share, marking our skin, welding our souls, my sister, my soulmate.


In a provençal farmhouse, where sunbeams shine through, I explore fraternal bonds and conscious or unconscious connections with my sister. This pictorial series, very personal and poetic, almost psychoanalytical, where women become virtuous, comes from a desire to strengthen damaged sisterly bonds. For that reason, the refelctive mind games project the gaze between two bodies, distinct yet bound by an unknown magic. These photographs evoke a quest for the other and a quest for self, where each appropriates the space in its own way, in a dark, childish fairy world where almost statuary bodies speak with gravity and power.

“Sisters” was a long serie to create, with a very modest, mentally and physically fragile sister.