Muses 2015-2016

In the “Muses” serie, time seems to have stopped.

“A classified historic monument since 1972, this unique place was built in 1796 under the post-Revolution French Directory regime. Called the Theater des Muses (Theater of the Muses) or Theater du Boudoir des Muses (The Sitting Room Theater of the Muses), it presents several peculiarities. First, it is rare, since it was built in Directoire style, a period when few theaters were built. Apparently, the so called The Sitting Room Theater of the Muses was closed in 1807 by order of Napoleon as “the ladies who were flaunting themsevles there had little morals conscience…”.

It was “rediscovered” in 1965 at the end of the courtyard of the buildings that until the Revolution housed the Convent of the Daughters of Calvary… ”

Convent then brothel, between the Virgin and the lady of the night, time has been suspended… These iconic creatures seem to have never left. No scene reenactments, no decorative liberties taken, the place is as it was. I brought young beauties into this court like those we could imagine where here at the time: idle, joyous, yet with bodies of timeless muses. The present in the past, or almost.


WARNING: Some scenes in this movie can hit a young audience.